Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

The arrival of winter season not only brings cold, foggy mornings and wet roads, it also brings headache for drivers. One of the worst times to face is having problems with getting the car started. Unfortunately, those type of cold mornings are also the times that people have trouble. If you live in a cold area like Blue Springs MO, it is important to know what to do to get your vehicle going on a cold day. Although tow service Blue Springs MO is just around the corner, it is still ideal to learn the basics in dealing with such situations.  
Vehicle for Winter

There are several things you can do to ensure that your vehicle will operate throughout the winter months. You can also maximize its ability to ensure the safety of your family. Check out the following strategies: 

  • Prepare a “winter supply” box in your car. This is for your car and also your personal safety. Putting a box full of winter supplies in your trunk can make a huge difference when something goes wrong while traveling on a cold winter day. You can include a flashlight, road flares, a first-aid kit, a few blankets, a change of warm clothes for the driver, a few extra pairs of gloves, a radio, a charged cellphone for 911 calls or a towing company in case you can’t handle the vehicle, an extra ice scraper and some high-energy snacks.  
  • Check your engine coolant and antifreeze levels.The substance that keeps your engine from freezing during those winter season is the antifreeze. Your engine can actually freeze without it. Invest on a kit for checking your engine coolant levels.  It is available at almost every auto supply shop. That kit can help you determine if you have an appropriate coolant mix.  
  • Tire pressure and tread depth checking. The condition of your tires are the key to staying on the road and keeping safe when the weather is cold and when the snow and ice are falling form the sky. If you live in a cold place, consider using winter tires before the season begins. However, if you are already stuck, you can give any towing company call. 
  • Use winter windshield wiper fluid. Keep in mind that not all windshield wiper fluid are the same. Ordinary fluids tend to freeze quickly upon contact with the windshield during winter days. Winter fluid ensures that the rigors of winter weather won’t freeze on your windshield. It actually helps loosen ice and snow from your windshield to keep things clear.  
  • Use a winter grade oil at your next oil change. When the cold season begins, it is advisable to switch to an oil with a lower cold weather thickness grade. It is because the colder the weather, the thinner should your oil engine be.  

Living in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice during winter is really a headache. It is important to be prepared so that you will be able to handle the situation well. Prevention is better than cure. To avoid accidents, there is no harm in trying the above mentioned strategies. It is also important to keep contact any tow service companies.