2 Important Steps for Starting Your Video Production House

Your video production house venture holds dear to your heart as it professes your passion for video making and editing. Finally, you get to share to the public your flare. They will know how much of a visionary you are through the videos that you’ll make. Also, your formal training has amped you with techniques that define a professional output; not to mention, your equipment is at par with high quality-standards.  

 Starting Your Video

The question now is how will you invite people to try your video making and editing house (given that you’re basically the new kid on the block)? There are two important steps that video production company newbies should perform- to do market research; and to network.

Market Research

Since you’re the newest production house in the neighborhood, do the basic drill of researching the current video production scene. What is the average rate of these houses? Which house offers the highest? the most budget friendly? Which produces the most impressive output? These are some of the questions that can help you identify the market you’re a part of. This might be boring but the answers with figures you’ll have will soon help you analyze where you want to steer your production house. More importantly you can capitalize your strength and downplay your weakness for you already know the strengths and weaknesses the other production houses. This is marketing strategy in the works. You will realize the wonders of your marketing strategy efforts once you’ll reap the fruits in the form of clients.

One misconception of video production houses at their baby stage is to undercut their prices. Instead of attracting, the public will find this off as they will think the house offers sub-par production. Price according to the equipment you have, the trainings you acquired, and the artistry you have developed. 
Network is net worth. 

Tim Ferriss has this message for all budding video production houses “Your network is your net worth”. Interpersonal skills wouldn’t hurt your artistry. As a matter of fact, it will help you book gigs. Start with positive greetings. Get out of your comfort zones and shake the hands of your clients once they reach your establishment. Have a meaningful face-to-face interaction. Once you have mastered positive greetings, you will be known as that video production house owner who has a positive disposition and is amicable to be with. Clients will definitely consider you in their top lists. So, no matter how impressive the work is, it will not go to places if you only have poor network. 

Continue with your networking gaming by having your production house affiliated with trade organizations. This is an opportunity for you to get best practices. This is also an avenue for you to share your humble knowledge of video making and editing. Expect no return in sharing for you’re doing this to improve people skills. You might be surprised that your co-members in the trade organization will help you with the things that your struggling. They might even suggest your house to their existing clients because their hands are already full. That said, networking indeed adds value to your house’ net worth.